The Phil Naessens Show offers awesome relevant sports content to informed audiences, reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners a month.

The Phil Naessens Show is an incredible listening experience. Listeners seek out The Phil Naessens Show because they want to listen; so they’ll be listening to you the sponsor too.

Our shows appeal to a wide-range of dedicated fans, including online gamblers, daily Fantasy Sports players, and sports junkies who want that extra inside information they can’t get anywhere else. Those are the listeners you want to reach. Those are the people who use your services and buy your products and the Phil Naessens Show wants to help you.

Sponsoring the Phil Naessens Show means a partnership with us and our incredibly loyal listeners. It’s good for your business, and it supports independent media. Win. Win.

Sponsorship’s begin for as little as 300.00 per month so let’s get this started……..for more information on how your business can become a Title or Segment sponsor of the Phil Naessens Show please contact

Maximum Sports Channels

Armed Forces Radio

Baseball Podcasts

The 405 Media

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