Flash Speaks: Marvelous Monday

It’s a Marvelous Monday and I am excited to get this site jumping. Let’s get after it!!

Paul George Has a Big Night

The OKC Thunder got a big night from Paul George and it was just enough to edge the Utah Jazz 116-108. Eight of 11 from beyond the arc is a nice effort. Good for him to because I like Paul. He’s a nice kid and very respectful. Hope he winds up on the Philadelphia 76ers next season because he won’t go anywhere playing Robin next to Russell Westbrook’s Batman.

Big Sexy!!

Texas Rangers pitcher Bartolo Colon is 44 years old and nearly threw a no-hitter last night. He’s always been one of my favorites and damn that was a GREAT effort. Now watch Fantasy Baseball General Managers break their ass rushing to their league waiver wire to pick him up.








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